2015 iPhone 3GS Price and Performance

Apple seems too creative to let iPhone 3G alone because there is iPhone 3GS for you to consider. Are 2015 iPhone 3GS price and given performance better than 3G?

2015 iPhone 3GS Specs

Seeing Apple 2015 iPhone 3GS Price and Given Value

Rather than being stuck with your iPhone 3G, you need to look at the newer product, iPhone 3GS that is literally better and working faster than the previous one. If you want to do anything quick, iPhone 3GS that is designed with the digital compass and 3MP quality camera will give quicker responses when you use the phone. Shooting, or even recording a video with the high quality, and then sharing what you have take will be able to be done with this phone.

2015 iPhone 3GS Price

For the most updated price, you can check out the 2015 iPhone 3GS price online or other places that you find them reliable, like local store. How many capacity that you want from an iPhone 3GS; is it enough for you to use the 8GB one? If so, you need to prepare your budget for around $243. If 8GB is not what you need, you can choose the 16GB (for the unlocked one) at around $150 or 32GB that you can buy at $850; the last comes with higher price because the capacity is also bigger.

2015 iPhone 3GS Review

Considering the iPhone 3GS for Pros and Cons

Indeed, Apple makes iPhone 3GS better even with more speed for its processor, 600 MHz is more than what iPhone 3G has along with 256MB for the RAM capacity. Autofocus is even used by Apple to make the 3.15 MP quality camera have a more amazing performance when used to shoot; but this one has no front camera like iPhone 3. The touchscreen is not disappointing since it comes with the 3.0 software designed by Apple. Even if the 2015 iPhone 3GS price is also higher than the 3G, do not be surprised if its battery lifespan is not that different from 3G’s; also you might end up upgrading it expensively, since the coverage is also not designed with a good quality, plus there is an extra cost for internet tethering.