2015 iPhone 4 16GB Price to Check Out

In the middle of iPhone 6’s popularity, some of you might be curious about the 2015 iPhone 4 16GB price. Here a little information about iPhone 4 16GB.

2015 iPhone 4 16GB Price Used Info

2015 iPhone 4 16GB Price

iPhone 4 is really something that is sold well even though you might have found some negative responses; it is still good to consider. If you perhaps needs to buy an iPhone 4 but with the little capacity, 16GB and you are even fine with the used one, you need to go to look at the price. For the new iPhone 4 by Apple with 16GB AT&T, it is priced around $210 while for the used ones; the price is around $90 if you check on the online stores.

Internal Specs of iPhone 4

2015 iPhone 4 Black

No matter it is 2015 iPhone 4 16GB price without contract or with contract, iPhone 4 is always mentioned as an iconic smartphone and it is debuted by Apple with the A4 chipset for its system and ARM Cortex A8 making the performance increased and both constraints and demands can be balanced. The battery is even made bigger so it can even last up to 300 hours if you just let this to standby, while it can be up to 14 hours when used on 2G, and for the talk time on 3G, it can last up to 7 hours. The best thing is that the capacity of RAM is made bigger than Apple iPhone 3GS, 512MB.

iPhone 4 Seen from the Performance

2015 iPhone 4 White

Whether it is 2015 iPhone 4 16GB price unlocked or not, iPhone 4 is actually simply flawless especially it is often compared to the previous product by Apple because multitasking is made more effectively. You can do a lot of stuffs and when the home button is double-clicked, the new interface will be revealed. Even Apple extends the accessibility with the Bluetooth support.

For you who have previously used iPhone 3GS, you will find iPhone 4 as a fresher device. Since it has already been long since its debut, you will find the more affordable 2015 iPhone 4 16GB price.