2015 iPhone 4s Price and Features You Should Check Out

Are you trying to find an iPhone 4s, but having no clue about the price and features? You may need to check out this 2015 iPhone 4s price and features info.

2015 iPhone 4s Price and Features

2015 iPhone 4s Price and Features Latest

2015 iPhone 4s

After iPhone 4, Apple releases iPhone 4s that is a bit different from the 4 since there are a lot of fresh features even though you might not see this smartphone have a new look. This smartphone comes in four models with different amount of capacity, you can definitely choose between 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB that are offered with the different prices. If you look for iPhone 4s with less capacity like 8GB and 16GB, they are priced around $290 and $680, while for the bigger-capacity models, 32GB and 64GB, the prices will be around $354 and $800.

How Speed is iPhone 4s?

2015 iPhone 4s White

Talking about the 2015 iPhone 4s latest price and features included its speed and with the dual-core CPU, iPhone 4s proves that it is better than iPhone 4. Also, playing games will be more fun especially due to its graphical processor that works much faster this time. Even when you let your smartphone standby, it can last up to 200 hours and for the talk time, it may last around ten hours.

What about the iPhone 4s’ Camera?

It is not complete yet for 2015 iPhone 4s price, features and specification if not talking about the camera; it comes with the bigger sensor that will make you feel satisfied when taking pictures up to eight million pixels. The colors are even better with its special IR filter existence. Capturing as many as pictures just by clicking on the volume button after double-tapping the home button that you can access from its home screen will be easier.

The Luxury of iPhone 4s

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For the design, it looks similar to the iPhone 4 because there is a beautiful glass featured with the metallic band that looks sleek. Unfortunately, the glass is still made from glass that can break whenever you drop it into hard materials. After considering these 2015 iPhone 4s price and features, you will find this smartphone is still amazing.