2015 iPhone 5 Price and Features from Apple

Believe it or not, iPhone 5 is still fascinating to choose and buy. See what you need to know about the 2015 iPhone 5 price and features.

Apple iPhone 5 Colors

The Good Side of iPhone 5’s Given Design

Talking about the good side of the Apple 2015 iPhone 5 price and features, you should always see its design carefully; it even gets a framework on the back of the phone carved with glass that has been pigmented or using inlays made from ceramic with around 6000 series of aluminum used to anodizing it with the application of Gorilla Glass to harden. Also, the aluminum that finished in polished shine can be seen clearly, giving the slick feel and when gripped.

2015 iPhone 5 Price

The iPhone 5’s Priceless Features

It is always fun to learn more about gadget, especially Apple 2015 iPhone 5 price and features and specification. Ultrafast Wireless comes with better connectivity because of its 4G LTE on the best 2015 iPhone 5 price and features which is a must have feature since it would be easier to get fast data on wireless connection. For data and voice, it uses a single LTE chip so the phone’s bulk can be reduced. Most global cellular networks are supportting this feature, along with the 150Mbps power of the wireless dual-band feature 802.11n as its theoretical maximum speed.

2015 iPhone 5 Specs

Backside camera’s rear shooter comes as one of the best 2015 iPhone 5 price and features. Capturing smoother and more perfect pictures won’t be impossible with the new video stabilization helper. Your face can even be detected through its face detector tool recognizing around ten faces; taking photos while recording a video will be great to do. 720p HD video can be recorded with the HD camera having FaceTime feature that placed in front.

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Siri as the 2015 iPhone 5 price n features assistant might already be familiar for you. In fact Siri is very smart because the sport queries are even already managed well by her, like the scores of the match and its standings. Launching apps is very easy when you use Siri. Even things such as reserving a restaurant, updating Facebook, and getting some recommendations  of movie can also be done by relying on Siri.

Lightning connector is really needed in order to build a phone as slim as the iPhone 5; you will like its dock connector that has been trim. On this Smartphone, Lightning connector is new but it has a reversible design of 8 signal that is all digital, so you won’t be wrong when plugging it in.

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The iPhone 5’s Interface and Price

Something new here might be the 960×640 to the 1136×640 pixel quality count. There is extra icons that can be found when you see the Home Screen, and you will even feel surprised with its FaceTime including the Maps area with the bigger display. Unfortunately, the bigger screen on the system level is not taken as an advantage by Apple itself. Even so, the price of iPhone 5 is still high because of the 16 GB (unlocked) one, you can get it just around $400 for the new 2015 iPhone 5 price and features.