2015 iPhone 6 Plus Price and Features Looking Great to Have

After iPhone 6 is out, now there are 2015 iPhone 6 Plus price and features that you need to check out. What is the impressive side of this smartphone?

2015 iPhone 6 Plus Price and Features

2015 iPhone 6 Plus Price and Features Details

For the specifications, iPhone 6 Plus that can also be said as a giant smartphone since the size of the screen that bigger, is indeed more than okay because it is designed with 1.4 GHz on the speed for its processor that using dual core, along with camera that has 8 megapixels quality, operating system using iOS 8 and more satisfying HD resolution up to 1920×1080. Unfortunately, the frame that is designed for sturdy feel is actually stiff; besides, the bending of iPhone 6 Plus is even complained by some users.

2015 iPhone 6 Plus Review

When comparing iPhone 6 Plus with 2015 iPhone 6 price and features, they both are different in number. If iPhone 6 with 16 GB is priced around $200, while the 64GB one would be around $300, and the 128GB one around $400, iPhone 6 Plus is different because for the one coming with 16GB one is priced around $300, while the 64GB one around $400, and for 128GB, you might spend your money around $500.

2015 iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6 Plus’ Performance

Although Apple is a bit left out if compared to Android who already introduces CPUs with its Quad Core and 2GHz for the speed while Apple still has a 1.4 GHz for the speed and only use processor with dual core, the performance will always be number one to check out. A8 series coprocessor is the one used by the 6 Plus’s operating system and its hardware so to experience a faster performance, more cores won’t be needed. Speaking of the Apple 2015 iPhone 6 Plus price and features, the benchmark of the JavaScript with SunSpider series is running here and the test is completed only in 365.8ms by the iPhone 6 Plus that is really surprising.

2015 iPhone 6 Plus White

iPhone 6 Plus usage of M8 series on Coprocessor

Usually, running a lot of apps will drain the battery quickly, but with M8 series of coprocessor, it only needs a low power even if the phone’s sensors are constantly monitored. In the 2015 iPhone 6 Plus price and features review, you will find that this feature can help you to use any applications including the health or fitness one without having to worry about its battery lifespan. More data can be pulled in with the help of its coprocessor with M8 series.

2015 iPhone 6 Plus Specs

iPhone 6 Plus’ Camera

The model of the camera is actually upgraded by Apple, but when it comes to the physical sensor, there is large usage pixels on 1.5 µm introduced to the users, while the model’s size is still in 1/3 inches as you can find in iPhone 5S. Although, you can see that there are some improvements made on the new sensor, there is no change for the features. For the autofocus with auto detection, as well as Pixel’s Focus feature is still there. Even the same flash using true tone with dual LED still completes the 2015 iPhone 6 Plus price and features.