3 iPhone 7 Cases that Make the Best Cover of the Phone at the Best Price Possible

Surely, you don’t want any damage inflicted upon the original case of your newly bought phone, right? Or have it been damaged already and you want it to fix the problem. Either way, looking for the case itself is the solution here. Still, not all cases are suitable for all phones. If it is iPhone 7 cases that you are looking for, there are three options that you can take into account here.Ranvoo Aluminum Bumper Case

Option #1 – Ranvoo Aluminum Bumper Case

Sold at $12.98, this phone case has its outer layer in aluminum, even though it has plastic layer inside. However, there is nothing wrong with that. To begin with, we need outer layer to be stronger to protect the phone after all. Search through iPhone 7 cases Amazon and you will find that the case is offered in various colors. They even match iPhone 7 colors.new OtterBox Defender

Option #2 – OtterBox Defender

Sold at $14.99, this option of iPhone 7 cases would be the choice for those want classic look from the phone. Since it aims for complete protection, you’ve got to bear with it having bulky design. Well, it has rubber for its inner after all, while you get hard plastic from its outer. Offering inbuilt screen protector too, this option of iPhone 7 cases Apple is simply the best.X-Doria Defense Lux

Option #3 – X-Doria Defense Lux

Sold at $15.48, the next choice of iPhone 7 cases Apple we have here is yours if you want one that is tough even in its look. There are 3 parts its design consists of. They are rubber inner, hard plastic outer, and aluminum bumper. Talking about premium design, this is the best among the three iPhone 7 cases we discuss about here. It even comes with a range of finishes.