Bigger & Better 2015 iPhone 6 Price and Features

It is surprising because finally Apple considers 2015 iPhone 6 price and features that are better than 5C and 5S. Check out the price and features.

2015 iPhone 6 Price and Features

2015 iPhone 6 Price and Features Information

iPhone 6 might fulfill your expectation with its bigger and better design and performance with iOS 8 and completed with iCloud, battery that won’t die quickly, much faster LTE access along with Wi-Fi, HD Display in 4.7 inch usage Retina, the use on desktop class of 64 bit on their A8 chip, identity recognizer using fingerprint on their Touch ID, and Focus Pixels found in its camera iSight that has 8MP quality; these all come in iPhone 6’s design that is more flawless and thinner with only 6.9mm.

2015 iPhone 6

It might raise your curiosity when it comes to Apple 2015 iPhone 6 price and features. The price of iPhone 6 will be determined by how many memory capacities that you want to choose, is 16GB enough for your need? If so, iPhone 6 with 16GB’s price will be around $650. However, if you think it is too little, try the one with 64GB that is priced around $750; there is also the biggest memory capacity available at 128GB that is priced around $850.

Efficient A8 with their M8 Motion Usage on Coprocessor

The enhanced power of the iPhone 6 is indeed good news when talking about the new 2015 iPhone 6 price and features because there is an M8 motion usage on coprocessor where your activity can be measured from advanced sensors having a new barometer. For you who actively use your smartphone, the longer lifespan of the battery accompanied with the better performance making you able to do more.

2015 iPhone 6 Review

Innovative Retina 4.7 usage High Definition Display with Resolution on 1334×750 Size

iPhone users who longing for the more excellent display can rely on 2015 iPhone 6 price and features because an polarizer that has been improved and two domains pixel allowing you to get higher contrast with the viewing angles that are larger, plus the more color accuracy are delivered by the innovations of iPhone, you might be happy, especially there are also the displays that use Multi Touch but still looking thinnest. All these features come in affordable price.

iSight Camera Designed with 8MP Quality with Focus Pixels and the use of Flash in True Tone

For people who like taking pictures and recording videos, iPhone 6 won’t be disappointing because the camera is even designed with noise reduction that has been enhanced, fresher Focus Pixels, face detecting tool, and autofocus working continuously. Moreover, for this 2015 Apple iPhone 6 full specification and price, thanks to its processor for image with new system because there is slow-mo mode with 240 fps that is included in a few new video modes.

There will be no regret if you take a look at the 2015 iPhone 6 price and features and Apple has successfully made iPhone 6 good and stand out with its faster performance and bigger screen making the previous smartphone product of Apple’s look a bit more old-fashioned. With the excellent features, iPhone 6 is a good choice since it lets you do multi-tasks better.