Comparison between iPhone 5, then iPhone 6 Plus with the iPhone 6 Actual Size

Apple makes people feel amazed toward their release, including the new iPhone 6. But, what is the iPhone 6 actual size along with the iPhone 5 and the 6 Plus?

iPhone 6 Actual Size Comparison to the iPhone 5 and then 6 Plus

iPhone 6 Actual Size

It is good news that Apple releases iPhone 6 along with the iPhone 6 Plus after they make people enjoy iPhone 5, but for people who might still hesitate about which next iPhone type that is more suitable with your style when you are going to end the contract. Considering the new iPhone by comparing your iPhone 5’s image to the latest models will be a good idea. Starting the comparison from the size is also interesting to do.

Option on iPhone 5 for Size

If you look at the iPhone 6 actual size pictures, you can know the result of the comparison because iPhone 6 comes in a bigger model even though Apple makes it thinner. iPhone 5 along with their 5c together in 5s are designed with design size in 4.0 inch so it is still much smaller if you want to compare this with the new iPhone 6. It is known iPhone 5 and its series might be the smallest but for the 5c, you will find it more colorful than the latest ones.

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Size

Many people might not be sure which model of iPhone 6 that will easily be pocketed; for this, you can check out the iPhone 6 actual size on PDF and both size of iPhone 6 can be compared. You will clearly see the difference between the two; yes, iPhone 6 Plus is bigger since it comes in 5.5 inch while iPhone 6 is only come in 4.7 inch even if it is still bigger than iPhone 5. For the measurement, the edges can also be included if you feel it is required.

Not only specs that you should consider when going purchasing the new iPhone, but also the actual size if this will fit your pocket. To see this, you can start the comparison only by printing the size you find on internet. Make sure it is viewed with 100% size; it will help you to find the iPhone 6 actual size.