The Deluxe What iPhone 8 Offers to You

When people talk about iPhone 8, they talk about iPhone X, which will release in November in price £/$999. It stalks people by its design with large bezels. While almost modern smartphone eliminates their bezels, It comes with a large one. Besides, it’s only has a small screen. It’s a decent device, excellent in some areas even, but the lack of evolution in the design.

iPhone 8; a Specification Guide

It comes to fill the need of perfect city. It was sandwiched in 7000-series aluminum rim with a great volume. For the screen, it has a 4,7-inch screen with an HD resolution 750 pixels in  Edge OLED which is perfect for the movie lover. It has A11 Bionic with 2 Gb RAM for memory and a 12-megapixel camera with OIS. For you that love to selfie, it offers  8-megapixel selfie camera. Other than that, it supports by Quad-Core processor make it become a recently plus smartphone.iphone 8 specs and release date

Iphone8 Plus

If you already knew generally about this iPhone 8 that looks like breakthrough the smartphone technology, here the plus of it:

  • It 8 has a beautiful design with 6,1 mm thick so it easy to caring
  • With a super fast connection by 4G LTE, you can surf on the internet so comfort
  • Its MOLED screen with 4,7 inch HD resolution comes with apparently real tone
  • It comes with a current technology iOS 10, so it’ll be safe to work with graphics.
  • It completed by a water-resistant certificate in maximal depth 1 meter for 30 minutes.

iPhone 8 release date

As we know, pre-order was began on 15 to 22 September. Apple confirmed that it would release soon in November this year.

iphone 8 specs and features

iPhone8 Review

It’s a decent smartphone for a perfectionist worker that need a good quality in visual and audio. It also impressive in some areas but look like has a minus in evolution in the design by feels dull, readily known and not that sophisticated among it smartphone competitor on the same level. For you that also feels disturbed by a bezel in a smartphone you may be wouldn’t this one as your phone; furthermore, it has a small screen besides a high-quality picture.

iPhone 8 price

For you that interest to have this breakthrough technology form Apple, you might need to prepare for it £689 to £949.

If you need a water-resistant smartphone, iPhone 8 will be a right choice. Besides, you can choose a variant color in 5 colors. All of that provides your favorite color.