Free Music Downloads for iPhone

Just like Android user, iPhone lovers need to know how to get free music downloads for iPhone. Sometimes we face with trouble when we want to download music for free with this smart phone because iPhone suddenly just playing the music streaming without any button or option to download the song. However, there are several great applications which you can use to get music for free and you can depend on its features to download the music for free.

Actually, some applications not only serve as free music download because you can also use these applications to download video with HD quality, films, music video, and so on. They are user friendly and you can use them multiple times. So, you do not need to pay for your music in iTunes anymore.


UnlimDownloads Application

To use this application you need to “jail break” your iPhone first. After that, install the application by click UnlimDownloads and move to main option. With this application you can get free music downloads for iPhone anywhere on website such as 4Shared. It will show you the download link directly right after you choose the song or music which you want to take. You can use this application to download music video, HD video, film, and many more.

Free Music Downloads for iPhone Applications

SoundCloud Application

It is one of the best applications to download music for free since you can use this application unlimited. Moreover, there are features available to change and control the equalizer and to find popular songs in each country. Users can also create some folder to save their music files with different names.

Music Box Free

MusicBox Free Application

MusicBox certainly help you to download music video and songs that you want to take. You can even take one full album in Zip file. Just browsing the music and this application will automatically capture the files with application built-in website browser. You can also play the music and video files directly with MusicBox Free.

Free Music Download and Player Classic Application

It is another free music downloads for iPhone which allow the users to download music or song with in-app browser. This feature will help you to enter the link of music file which you want to take, in that moment the application will download the file for you. You can bookmark website page and then visit it again next time.

Music Downloader Application

Since this application is free and you can only download music and songs not more than fifteen files (which means it is limited) maybe you will take this application as the last solution. Music Downloader allows you to download your favorite music easily. If you want to get more songs with this application, you can try to install it more than one on your iPhone at once, easy and very tricky, right?


iDownloader Application

The last music application which you can install is iDownloader. This application enables the users to download songs or music, video, and even eBooks for free. Just like other application above, with built-in web you can directly and simultaneously download the music from web page.

Several Free music downloads for iPhone applications which we already mentioned above allows the user to get their music in legal and free sources. Just try and play your music!


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