Highly-Recommended iPhone 6 Mockup Templates

Do you want to mock up apps and websites within sketch files and PSD? These iPhone 6 mockup templates must be pleasing you.

The Importance of iPhone 6 Mockup PSD

iPhone 6 Mockup Templates

Some iPhone 6 users will pay attention to the sophisticated, modern and appropriate interface designs along with the screens and graphics, and to make these all fresher and awesome, you will really need mockup templates to see the best interface designs for your iPhone. People will feel more excited if the templates files are free, and here we have some recommended templates where the angles, colors and styles are varied. For your project, you need to pick the most outstanding layout.

iPhone 6 Mockups Options

Georgian-Sorin Maxim

Mockup by Georgian-Sorin Maxim might be suitable with your style; if the user interface design is going to be exposed, this iPhone 6 mockup template can be showcased. The Sketch file can be used here with its flat dark style template that is refined.


Mockup for iPhone 6 by JustD is also free and there are different colors to choose from; white, gold and black that come with the front view PSD templates. The templates are provided in a high-end pack for the iPhone 6 that is fully scalable. If you try looking for the solution where the concepts’ functional screens and graphics can be presented, this one is perfect and you can also find it as an iPhone 6 mockup printable.

Murat Mutlu

Mockup template designed by Murat Mutlu that can be compatible with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus might be what you look for. There are ten pure CSS mobile devices offered in this package and you can find it works well in the flat style. The minimal coded versions of iPad tablets, Lumia and Android are also included in the snippet.


GraphBerry’s Mockup will also be great to choose and this mockup will really look realistic in PSD files and ai for both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The performance basis is on smart objects, so it is easy to have size change without losing its sharpness and quality. Which one of these iPhone 6 mockup templates you are interested in using?