The Improved Look 2015 iPhone 3G Price

Apple always makes huge sensation and gets more popularity for their products, like iPhone 3G. Are you curious about the improved look on 2015 iPhone 3G price?

2015 iPhone 3G Specs

2015 iPhone 3G Price and Great Performance Offered

Apple will always be detail in designing each of their products, even when producing and releasing iPhone 3G that is designed awesomely completed with Wi-Fi contracts, even if the battery life is just like other smartphones and the camera quality might not be like what you expect. If compared to the 2G EDGE, you might know the difference is its download speed, yes, for 2G it is around 38-40 seconds when downloading the homepage of BBC, while it only take around 18 seconds when using 3G. With much better speed, it means the efficiency is also increased when browsing websites.

2015 iPhone 3G Price

It might make some people curious about the difference of the 2015 iPhone 3G price when released and the latest one. When released in July 2008, you will only need to pay for this at around $200 if you choose the one with 8GB capacity, but if you want more capacity (16GB), you can get it at $300. However, Apple is always innovative by producing more and more products, so for 2015 price, it is estimated to be priced at around $140 for the 8GB capacity and $290 for the new 16GB iPhone 3G.

2015 iPhone 3G Review

The Features of iPhone 3G

Although iPhone 3G is already designed with front camera, but it is still 2MP and there is no flash that will help you to capture images more beautifully. Compared to the latest iPhone products produced by Apple, then the iPhone 3G is left out because it is still using 412 MHz for the processor and have only 128MB for the RAM capacity, while for the resolution, you will find it still with 320×480 quality pixels. To get the best 2015 iPhone 3G price, try to find one seller that offers free shipping service as long as the seller is reliable one.