iPhone 3 Price and Features

iPhone 3 or also known as iPhone 3GS has features that won’t disappoint the user. If you do not know much about this smartphone, it is the time to know better about the iPhone 3 price and some review about the features. After read information below, you can directly plan to spend money for iPhone 3 price budgets.

iPhone 3 Price and Features

Stylish and Great Design

Even if the iPhone 3 price is not that pricey now, you still need to check out this smart phone, especially if you like a smart phone with the glossy finish, this one is offered by Apple on the back of the phone. The iPhone 3 design is actually great with the greener materials designed and with the weight that is only 4.8 ounces that must be light enough when you bring it wherever you go.

Special Features


Voice control is a part of the special features of iPhone 3 and this feature will allow you to talk with your iPhone, Enterprise-style; more than that, it can even be instructed to play the same songs to the one you are playing or even to make a call. Magnetometer is also a special feature that will work well because there is integration of it into the new Google maps app. With these special features, you do not have to get the high iPhone 3 price because the price is not that expensive anymore.

Camera Quality

iPhone 3 Camera

The iPhone 3 price can actually be checked after knowing every feature, including 3MP camera, the feature allows the user to have shots with the better quality no matter when and where and what kind of condition the picture is taken. The auto white balance, auto exposure, and auto focus are completed in this new camera. Low light and macro modes might be more special. Video and photo geotagging are also supported here and the entire camera functions can also be accessed by any app you use.

Guess what? iPhone 3 price and features is really affordable. Check out the latest iPhone 3 price from the online stores that you can access easily. Hope you get the best deal for it.