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The iPhone 3GS is the successor to the iPhone 3 smart phone developed by Apple. It was launched in 2009 and boasted a number of new or improved features against its predecessor. These enhanced features include a faster processor, a 3 megapixel camera and faster downloading capability.

It was an instant success with over 1 million sales being recorded over the launch weekend. It remained popular throughout its lifecycle and production continued until 2012 even though the iPhone 4 was released the in 2010.

iPhone 3GS Manual

The iPhone 3GS has great connectivity with quad-band capability making it internationally accessible. In addition, it has 802.11 b/g wi-fi (wireless) capability as well as Bluetooth built in as standard.

The 3GS was the first Apple iPhone to feature voice control technology. Although, not to the standard of today’s Siri offering it was an innovative feature at the time and users liked the technology.

iPhone 3GS

Concerns of overheating during heavy usage forced Apple to advise (along the lines) that the phone should not be left in direct sunlight or used in very warm environments. However, this glitch did little to undermine its popularity and there are still many users of the phone today.

The iPhone 3GS manual for iOS 3.1 is comprehensive to say the least running to 217 pages in total. This is perhaps an indication of just how powerful this piece of technology really is and how many features are packed into it.

iPhone 3GS White & Black

It should also be said that this manual is, strictly speaking for the operating system on the phone as well as for the phone itself. This means, for example, that there is a section in the manual about the iPod as well making it useful if you have an iPod of the same generation or operating system.

However, the user interface is very intuitive and you should not get concerned by the size of this user guide. The iPhone 3GS Manual contains information on everything from inserting the SIM card to and connecting your iPhone to your computer for backup and synchronization. It then moves on to more advanced topics such as getting information on stocks and shares and troubleshooting advice.

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iPhone 3GS Manual Download Link

You can download the original iPhone 3GS manual from Apple’s website:

Download Here

However, if the operating system on your phone has been upgraded (it supports up to iOS6) then you may need to download a more up to date manual to reflect these changes.


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