iPhone 4 16GB Price and Spec Details to Know

Are you curious about both iPhone 4 16GB price new and used? Get the information related to the price and also the specs here before buying the phone.

iPhone 4 16GB Price

iPhone 4 16GB Price Used and New to Consider

After iPhone 3G and 3GS, Apple successfully introduces iPhone 4 that might have no much difference if compared to the previous phone but actually better. It has already been long since iPhone 4 being released, but this smartphone is still interesting for some people, including the model with 16GB capacity model. Do you know the new and used price? For the used iPhone 4 with 16GB capacity, it is priced around $73 if you are lucky to get the cheap one; while for the new one, the price would start at $140. However, the price will also be determined by the iPhone plan you choose.

2015 iPhone 4s White

Features and Specs of iPhone 4

Aside from the iPhone 4 16GB price unlocked or not, new or used, you should know about the specs and features details. Apple A4 processor is featured in iPhone 4 and with this more power managed, the talk time especially on 3G will be improved up to seven hours and for web-browsing, it will last up to ten hours. Even when you just activate your iPhone to standby, it will last up to 300 hours.

2015 iPhone 4 Black

Ambient light sensor, proximity sensor, compass, Bluetooth, assisted GPS and Wifi all are supported by iPhone 4 and many people even look for the iPhone 4 16GB price without contract to enjoy these features for free. The camera comes with 5MP quality that is completed with the sensor for the backside illumination, so perfect pictures can be captured even in the night or places that have less light. Also, since the iPhone 4 release, the operating system name has been changed from ‘iPhone OS’ into ‘iOS4’ where the mobile device are encompassed.

2015 iPhone 4s Price and Features

Compared to the newer releases of iPhone models, iPhone 4 might be left out but it is still worth purchasing even though you need to find the refurbished one or second-hand iPhone 4. Check out the iPhone 4 16GB price in the big retailers before buying.