Detail Information and Review of iPhone 4 Specs

iPhone will always successfully capture every gadget lover with the great specs, including iPhone 4. What iPhone 4 specs that you should know here?

iPhone 4

The Detail Specs of iPhone 4

Great Design Come from Small Dimension

iPhone 4 specs

Talking about iPhone 4 specs, iPhone 4 comes with the more surprising appearance because the outer design is made much boxier with the flat rear side rather than round. Indeed, there is no problem with the small dimensions offered by iPhone 4, along with high pixel density screen with more than 300ppi because these are the pros of iPhone 4 that will make the users more comfortably use the phone. iPhone colors available in both elegant black and white.

Processor and More Memory for iPhone 4

Processor for iPhone 4The processor used in iPhone specs is single-core, a bit disappointing of course, but still enough for the users to play heavy to run applications since the processor also supported by iOS 4 which can be upgraded to iOS 7.1.1. Apple has a better consideration this time in designing iPhone 4 because there were 256 MB given in the previous model and iPad, while in iPhone 4 specs; there is more size for the RAM with 512 MB. Moreover, Micro-SIM slot also available to maximize the memory. However, there are also contra of iPhone 4, including iPhone 4 specs SIM card where the microSD slot is lacking for storage expansion.

iPhone 4 Touch Screen Technologies

iPhone 4 White

The new screen is called by Apple as Retina Display and you will definitely see 326 pixels per inch. LCD IPS technology is the one utilized by the screen, just like what you find and see in the iPad gadget.

iPhone 4 Great Features and Camera Quality

iPhone 4 Black

The other great stuffs include secondary mic for cancelling any noises, main camera lens with 5MP, 720p HD video recording and LED flash, as well as a front-facing video call camera. Even for the iPhone 4 specs camera, Apple adds five megapixel shooter making the camera for iPhone 4 will be more capable and interesting.

Although, the battery is non removable, but looking at how Apple Company designs this smart phone, it is much better than the 3GS one. It cannot also be denied that multitasking with iPhone 4 feels more comfortable. With the cooler iPhone 4 specs, improvement on operating system, upgraded cameras, more amazing display, and more gorgeous new hardware, iPhone 4 is worth having.