iPhone 6 Battery and What Is So Good About It that Makes the Phone Worth to Buy

You won’t end up with a bad phone on your hands if you ever decide to choose iPhone 6. Well, even from it, people would expect to get good productivity from it. It includes it being able to stay long without having to charge it so frequently. Then, what is so good coming from iPhone 6 battery? In order to find it out, we need to discuss it here in this opportunity.

How the Battery in iPhone 6 is Made to Be

If there is something we can complement about this phone, it would be the fact that it is a lot better than even its previous generation when it comes to its stamina. Today, iPhone 6 battery life has been 25% longer than iPhone 5S. Not to mention, this phone is known for being able to draw 50% less power than the last iPhone too. Surely, it makes good news for the battery.iphone 6 battery acting weird

With such efficiency, the use of iPhone 6 battery becomes more effective as well. You don’t have to worry about it decreasing the phone’s battery life too fast. It gives you much more stable experience compared to the last one. That way, you can expect to be productive longer with it even if you are outside and far from outlet. Wouldn’t it be one you have always wanted from it?

That being said, it is not like there is no issue at all about it so far. It has been a long time since it is first released after all. It is said that it reduces lots of battery when playing games and downloading. Surely, it wouldn’t be what you expect from it. You don’t have to worry for Apple has updated iPhone 6 battery recall to help you with your issues with iPhone 6 battery.