iPhone 6 or Galaxy S5 that Will be Your Choice?

It is hard for some people to choose iPhone 6 or Galaxy S5 because both are strong. See the differences between the two so you can make your decision.

iPhone 6 or Galaxy S5 Review for specs or quality

iPhone 6 or Galaxy S5

For the processor, it seems Samsung has a better and more powerful performance since they use Qualcomm Snapdragon series 801 in quad core with 2.5 GHz for the speed, while Apple designs iPhone 6 with A8 chipset in Cyclone dual core with 1.4 GHz for the speed. However, when it comes to the storage, Apple seems more interesting with its three models and inner capacity of 64 GB while Samsung provides Galaxy S5 in three capacity for the microSD.

The Camera Comparison

iPhone 6 camera

Some people will give their attention to the camera feature when going to purchase a new smartphone and if it is between iPhone 6 and maybe Galaxy S5, which one is better related to the camera quality?

The camera that is offered by iPhone 6 is 8MP quality for the rear camera while for the front camera, it is only 1.5MP, while for the Galaxy S5’s camera, it is designed with 16MP quality. The iPhone 6 is completed with sensor in 1/3 inch size while for the Samsung Galaxy S5 sensor, it is designed with ½.6 inch sized; but both have phase detection.

Galaxy S5 camera

The iPhone 6 vs. Galaxy S5 camera quality is also something worth comparing here; Apple provides their 8MP quality iPhone 6 camera with flash in true tone and sensor iSight that will help you to get the better quality pictures. If Apple designs iPhone 6 camera with 8MP, Samsung has a much better camera with 16MP and added with the mode of “Selective Focus”.

The Performance Comparison

After checking out iPhone vs. Galaxy S5 camera comparison, it is the time for you to know both performances. If you want to know iPhone 6 or Galaxy S5 which is better than another, you definitely need to check out the performance. Apple makes their iPhone 6 more awesome than the previous iPhone models even with the bigger size; the M8 co-processor is even updated by Apple, even with this, there are different types of activity that can be distinguished. Also, Apple does not forget add 1.4GHz for the speed of its dual-core CPUs with RAM having 1GB capacity, while Samsung Galaxy S5 has 2GB of RAM Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 quad-core CPUs with 2.5 GHz for speed. So, which one is more powerful? The answer is clearly Samsung Galaxy S5 seen from these specs.

iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery Quality

Talking about iPhone 6 vs. Samsung Galaxy S5, it is also the important point to see before deciding to buy one of these smartphones. Apple provides 1810 mAh power while for Samsung Galaxy S5, it is 2800 mAh that is much bigger than Apple’s. Although both can charge quickly, Samsung Galaxy S5 is still better because the battery is bigger so you can use the phone for a day and a half moderately.

Both are designed differently and they clearly have different weaknesses and strengths. It is always better to check out every spec of each smartphone before purchasing. Is it iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy S5 that can suit your preference?