Is it True that Lightning Headphones Use on replacing iPhone 6 Headphone Jack?

Is it true that iPhone users cannot use iPhone 6 headphone jack anymore? Check out about the Lightning headphones that Apple introduces.

Is There No Standard Jack 3.5mm?

iPhone 6 Headphone Jack

The rumor about Apple introduces Lighting headphones in port making people worried about their headphone jack. Some people believe that the iPhone 6 headphone jack stuck is the main problem, especially to the quality of the audio. However, with the Lighting port existence, the switch from the analogue to the audio digital will be enabled with the digital input on mono with 48 kHz power and digital output on stereo with 48 kHz power for high lossless.

Unfortunately, with the Lightning headphones that are being rumored to replace the stereo headphone jack, it means that you will spend much more money because you will also need an adaptor. It is also believed that Apple intends to make Lightning port that will be bulkier and more expensive. It is also assumed that iPhone 6 headphone jack size which ordinarily in 3.5 mm will be removed in a few years.

iPhone 6 Headphone Jack Bottom Not the Top

It is still confusing for some people who want to purchase a new iPhone 6, especially they who usually use headphone jack with the size 3.5mm because there are rumors about Apple abandoning this headphone jack and replacing with Lightning port instead. If you ask if you can still use your headphone jack, some said that the 3.5mm headphone jack stereo is still featured by both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Some people know that it is just a rumor and the rumor is false.

Actually, the headphone jack you usually use is designed on the bottom and you can even compare to the previous on early iPhones with the headphone jack on the device’s top part. If you have previously ever used iPhone 5, you can say that the headphone jack is moved by Apple to the bottom and it is started when they release the iPhone 5. Before you decide to purchase, make sure you know the truth about the iPhone 6 headphone jack availability.