iPhone 6 Home Button for the Brightness Setting

Some users might find that the setting for iPhone 6 brightness does not suit their need. Therefore, here the iPhone 6 home button will solve this.

iPhone 6 Home Button Tricks Related to Phone’s Brightness

iPhone 6 Home Button

Some iPhone 6 users might find some problems related to iOS 8 software and the brightness of the phone that is not just suitable with what they need and expect. It is a good thing that your home button can be set to set up the phone’s brightness even in iOS 8 without having to jailbreak. What is the secret that you should know here related to the brightness level and home button of iPhone 6?

The trick that you can try here is the triple tap that should be set first so that the effect given will be zoom view. The zoom then needs to be changed manually into normal before the low light setting is set. The device’s brightness will be able to toggle when the filter for low light being applied as the zoom effect is made by using the triple-tap tip. What you should do with the iPhone 6 home button click?

  1. Visit the Settings on your iPhone then go to the General and choose to enter Accessibility, from here the button on toggle can be tapped so the Zoom can be activated.
  2. The popped up zoom window can be ignored; go for the triple-tap directly using your three fingers to make a zoom menu’s appearance. Keep trying if you find out the iPhone 6 home button not working.
  3. Click on the Zoom for Full Screen to getting the zoom view return normal by using slider held then dragged it to the left.
  4. It is the time to activate application on the filter on low light by choosing ‘filter and low light’ before you can finally exit to return to the Accessibility menu. After scrolling down a bit, the Zoom in the option of Accessibility shortcut can be tapped.
  5. The brightness change should be able to create just by using the triple-tap iPhone 6 home button when you are in the home screen. You should find it work well.