Your iPhone 6 Hotspot Connection Reparation

iPhone 6 hotspot with the iOS 8.1 as the software, is one of the things people anticipate most. However, what if there are some issues?

iPhone 6 Hotspot Connection Reparation

The Way to Fix iPhone 6 Hotspot Issues

If you use iPhone 6, it means that you are running iOS 8.1 then the Instant Hotspot is the feature that can be connected using your cell connection.

  1. Enable Bluetooth and the connection on Wi-Fi in order to make the Instant Hotspot starts performing. It is fine if you already enable them but it has not connected yet, just wait without turning off both.
  2. Rebooting will usually be the best solution for any problems that are needed to fix and this will help you to easily get the hotspot work well.
  3. Go to the Settings app to change the iPhone name could be another effective solution to get the hotspot when the iPhone 6 hotspot problems It can simply be done just by launching the Settings app, then go to General and About, from there the Name can be tapped and the new name can be entered before you click on done. Rebooting again will help you to get things work normally.
  4. The network settings will better be reset only by launching the Settings app and go to General, but this time you can continue to Reset, from here the network settings can be reset. You need to prepare the passcode to be typed in case it will be asked then make a confirmation that your network settings would like to be reset. This way any things leading your iPhone 6 hotspot not working can be cleared up.

If you find some problems related to the Instant Hotspot, these ways can definitely be tried to solve those issues. It must be frustrating if the problems keep appearing even after these solutions. If you think that these solutions of iPhone 6 hotspot issue cannot work for you, you can try consulting the problem with the professional technicians.