AppleCare+ together with SquareTrade iPhone 6 Insurance

Any accident with your phone should really be prevented. And if you have just purchased your iPhone 6, make sure you get the iPhone 6 insurance.

iPhone 6 Insurance Comparison to Get the Best One

You never know when the accident with your iPhone will happen; sometimes, you have already kept your iPhone very well, but you might still end up drowning the phone, denting them, or even cracking the new phone. This is the reason why you need to consider buying insurance for your iPhone coverage; but, you need to think if you need the cheaper insurance or the expensive one in order to protect your phone. You can compare between AppleCare+ together with SquareTrade since these can be your options.

AppleCare+ that offers Warranty for One Year on Your iPhone 6


If you think iPhone coverage is very important, then you should start thinking of the coverage offered by Apple itself that you know as AppleCare+. To enroll, you should register within 2 months from the date of the iPhone 6 purchase, the protection for limited damage as well as customer support will be provided to you for around three months. Any accidental damage will be covered and you do not even need to worry about the iPhone 6 insurance claim, even the warranty can be extended, plus there are new phones provided along with two-year customer support with the cost $99 only for this package.

SquareTrade for your iPhone 6 Insurance

iPhone 6 Insurance

This phone insurance can be relied on when you need some protection for your new iPhone 6 but be prepared because the cost can possibly exceed if compared to the AppleCare+; but, the good news here is that there are four replacements in maximum that will be provided. Make sure that you choose the right iPhone 6 insurance T-Mobile, or maybe AT&T, then Verizon plans even though there will be no coverage offered for many repairs.

To make your life easier, you can simply choose the one offered by Apple because you just need to visit its official Apple store to buy. Read completely the information given below the product of insurance before deciding to buy iPhone 6 insurance from the Apple store.