iPhone 6 Issues that Are Frustrating Enough

It looks cool and fascinating when iPhone 6 was released, but there are actually iPhone 6 issues found. What are the issues that you should know?

iPhone 6 Issues

iPhone 6 Issues Apple being Complained the Most

Apple always succeeds at making their fans enjoying the new release, like the iPhone 6 that has just been released months ago. However, iPhone 6 is not as perfect as people expect since there are some complaints found related to the iPhone 6’s performance, such as its uncomfortable design that cannot be gripped firmly, the phone that can breaks quite easily, and less pocket ability. Just like other smartphones, iPhone 6 is still lacking at some points but those annoying things might be able to solve.

iPhone 6 Plus Issues

Not Easy when Gripped Problem

You can also call it as a slipper problem on the design as one of the most complained iPhone 6 issues problems as it is not only complained by one or two persons; it is because a firm grip cannot be kept, especially when a call is placed. For you who have experienced in using iPhone 5, then you will know the difference on the grip side between the previous iPhones and iPhone 6. Perhaps, you need to wrap it up so the slippery can be solved.

iPhone 6

Less Durable Problem

For you who have previously used iPhone 5, you will find that it is even better than your new iPhone 6 when it comes to the durability. One person stated that he dropped his iPhone 6 and fell to the floor after hitting the top of the glass and he immediately found dings on the iPhone 6’s side, the ding is even very visible. Previously, he used iPhone 5 and even if it is dropped many times, dings and scratches won’t be able to be seen. For this problem it seems related to the slippery grip, so to prevent such problem, you better try finding great working wrapper to make your phone stay safe and far from these two iPhone 6 issues.