iPhone 6 or Note 4, Which One You Should Have?

iPhone 6 or Note 4, which one you will choose? You need much reference to compare them; check out some points of both smartphones here.

iPhone 6 or Note 4 Which to Buy and Use

iPhone 6 or Note 4

Apple and Samsung might always be rivals and it makes people curious about which is better between iPhone 6 and Galaxy Note 4. Seen from both designs, iPhone 6, especially the 6 Plus comes with extra thinness since it is designed only with 7.1mm and Apple provides you with the curved aluminum. While for Note 4, Samsung for the first time uses metal for the edge and plastic for its back with the slimmer look as well with the thinness of 8.5mm.

iPhone 6

Performance should also be checked out through the iPhone 6 or Note 4 review; both performances are really awesome because Apple delivers more power in iPhone 6 with M8 motion for the coprocessor, 1GB for the RAM’s capacity, and 64-bit A8 CPU dual-core by Apple making this phone works much better compared to the previous models. Samsung is different because Note 4 is completed with bigger 3GB size for the RAM, and the power is delivered by Snapdragon 805 CPU with its Quad Core with the speed reaching 2.7 GHz.

Note 4

Most people would like to see iPhone 6 or Note 4 comparison on camera feature as well; both have different quality but still amazing. Apple makes its iPhone 6 with the camera sensor 8MP and pleases people with the video recording HD 1080p, 1.2MP quality for the front camera, detection of phase, TrueTone flash and the stabilization for optical image. Surprisingly, Samsung has a better quality for the Note 4’s camera with the 4K video record, front-facing camera with 3.7MP, stabilization of optical image and 16MP camera sensor.

If you look for a smartphone by seeing how long the battery would last, you should prefer Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with its better and has bigger battery size, 3220 mAh, since iPhone 6 is less than that, 2915 mAh. There is an extra hour that you can get if you buy Note 4. So, which impressive phone you want to purchase? iPhone 6 or Note 4 now?