iPhone 6 Plus: What to Expect from the So-Called First Big iPhone from Apple

There have been many iPhones produced by Apple, you know. Each of them has different things to offer and they are surely worth to talk about, really. One that pretty much stands out among them would be iPhone 6 Plus. It is said that the phone is Apple’s first big iPhone so far. Other than that, what do you think you can expect from it? Let’s see here then.

The Good Things You Can Get from the Phone

Speaking about the good things of this phone, we would gladly say that it has beautiful look to offer. Well, it might have been the famous one with its big screen display measuring 5.5 inches. However, it is thin enough in its body and has even sleek finish on its original case. You can freely try iPhone 6 cases you want though. Either way, it is the best looking phablet you can get from Apple.iphone 6 plus silver

Still related to that discussion just now, iPhone 6 Plus is favored because of its great full HD display. It is pale in comparison to iPhone 6 that comes with one measuring 4.7 inches only. With wide and big display like this, things would be more satisfying to see from the phone, right? It might be a display only, but you can be more immersive with big, sharp, and detailed display.

The last but not the least thing about it is that the phone is there to offer you strong camera as well. With 8MP rear-facing cameras, you will get to shoot detailed enough images. It makes perfect quality for day to day use, you see. Compared to iPhone 6S price though, this phone is more expensive. For 16GB version, you have to pay $649 to own this iPhone 6 Plus.