iPhone 6 Screen Replacement when Broken

It is frustrating when your iPhone 6’s screen breaks. You definitely need iPhone 6 screen replacement; but, how much does it cost?

iPhone 6 Screen Replacement Cost by Apple Store

iPhone 6 Screen Replacement

You must be happy when having the new iPhone 6, but before you get the iPhone case, you should carefully grip your phone not to break it. However, it doesn’t mean that your phone is already safe, some accident might occur and you might not be able to avoid it; when the phone gets damaged, especially on the screen part, Apple will help for the reparation and replacement; but, how much money that you should spend if you need to replace or repair the damage on your iPhone 6?

Having your iPhone 6’s screen cracking might not be comfortable for you when using the phone; rather than looking for the iPhone 6 screen replacement kit, why don’t you try bringing this to Apple? For you who have your iPhone 6 Plus’ screen damaged, the price for the reparation has increased to around $130 while for your iPhone 6, the cost will be around $110. That’s why people would choose to get the insurance for their iPhones, like AppleCare+ that will give the coverage even though you still need to pay around $79 for the service.

The cost could indeed be expensive for the iPhone 6 screen replacement part and problems related to the battery because AppleCare+ doesn’t cover both issues. If the two incidents occur to your iPhone 6, the cost for the service should be paid around $79. Therefore, there will be the price escalation if either the fault has no coverage under 1-year warranty or the handset is already out of warranty.

Although you can find the guide and tools which available to purchase when you crack your iPhone 6’s screen, it is better to have yours repaired by the Apple itself or covered by the insurance unless you are handy enough. Keep your iPhone 6 very well so you won’t crack the screen and pay for the costly iPhone 6 screen replacement.