iPhone 6 on T-Mobile Review and Price

When purchasing iPhone 6, you are also required to choose what plan you want to use. Then, what about the iPhone 6 on T-Mobile?

iPhone 6 on T-Mobile Review to Have a Look at

iPhone 6 on T-Mobile

iPhone 6 comes with the more amazing size, features and specs and Apple is really thoughtful in developing their next iPhone project; it can be seen how Apple A8 chipset processor used and M8 motion as the coprocessor, added with the display with the bigger resolution, 1334×750 in high definition Retina 4.7 inch. The big updates are also brought by Apple with the iOS 8 and the camera designed with the True Tone Flash iSight 8MP where the scene’s color temperature can be assessed only by using software algorithms.

Talking about the iPhone 6 on T-Mobile unlocked one, you will also find it without contract as well. As you know, when ordering from the Apple store, you need to choose the model, finish and the right rate plan; here you will be given with four options of plans, Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile. For the first three plans, you will find the price will be ranged from $200, while for T-Mobile, it would be much more expensive without contract and is already unlocked; the price of this plan will start from $650.

What Is the Total Price for iPhone 6 T-Mobile?

For the total iPhone 6 on T-Mobile price, it will depend on what model of iPhone 6 you choose; if it is iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. After you surely choose T-Mobile plan for your iPhone, you should then choose the storage; there will be three options (128GB that is the most expensive; 64GB and 16GB) to choose from. The total price you should pay will be determined by the previous calculation.

If you want to have more clues about how much you should pay per month for using T-Mobile wireless plan, going to the T-Mobile site will be helpful. Find Apple iPhone 6 on T-Mobile site as well to get more information related to your plan.