iPhone 6 Tricks You Should Never Miss Out

After purchasing an iPhone 6, do not you think it is fun to know some iPhone 6 tricks in use? What tricks in iPhone 6 that you should know?

iPhone 6 Tricks and Tips You Can Learn

iPhone 6 tricks

It is now easy to even make your pictures stored in the secret place. Just pick the photo you want to hide by pressing longer and the ‘Copy and Hide’ options will appear. Just choose the Hide option and it will automatically be hidden; do not worry because the pictures are not removed, they are just stored separately in the Hidden-labeled album.

One of the iPhone 6 tricks and secrets is restoring the photos that you have deleted; it might be a good news for you who might have accidentally deleted the photos. The deleted photos will usually be stored in an album labeled Recently Deleted; you search the photo you want restore here just by tapping Recover. Not all photos can be restored depending on how many days the images are in the Deleted album.

Another one of the iPhone 6 tricks you didn’t know might be the new keyboard installation; which one that you will choose, Swype or SwiftKey? Firstly, you need to download the keyboard and make sure it is enabled in iOS 8 with the help of Settings; then, go to the General to find Keyboard and then choose Keyboards before adding new keyboard. The keyboard that is going to be added can be tapped and dragged to the keyboard list’s top part.

As the iPhone user, you can even find what causes your battery low that fast with the hidden setting owned by iOS8. You will be told exactly what uses the battery most so the ones suck your battery can be shut down. These iPhone 6 tricks and hidden features might help you in making your life easier.