iPhone 6 vs. HTC M8 Compared Highlight

Apple with the new Android competition might be tighter. You can see how HTC M8 can even be compared to Apple 8; you need to see the iPhone 6 vs. HTC M8 highlight.

iPhone 6 Vs. HTC M8 Specs to Check Out

iPhone 6 Vs. HTC M8

The more amazing iPhone 6 has come and even if it comes in a thinner but bigger design, you can say that this smartphone meets your every need. However, people do not only see Apple, you must remember that there are Android smartphones, for example HTC’s smartphone which is HTC M8 that is compared to Apple’s iPhone 6; it is even designed lighter than iPhone 6. The specs will make you have a hard time in choosing between them.

Cheeking on the Battery Quality

As a wiser user, you need to check out the iPhone 6 vs. HTC M8 battery life and both phone’s power. iPhone 6 is indeed designed and supported by the A8 Apple processor so the performance will be faster but the battery life is not as good as HTC M8 since the talk time hours are only estimated up to 14 hours. Qualcomm processor for Snapdragon 801 is the one driving on the HTC M8 and with capacity battery that is higher, the talk time hours are estimated up to 22 hours.

Cheeking on Camera Quality

The iPhone 6 vs. HTC M8 camera for quality is also the thing that people want to know most. Apple completes their new product iPhone 6 with 8 megapixels for the rear camera and only 1.2 megapixels for the front camera while for HTC M8, it is amazing that they use 4 ultrapixels for the rear camera and 5 megapixels for the front camera. It seems HTC M8 is strong enough to compete with iPhone 6 and even much better.

Cheeking on The Models

iPhone 6 or HTC M8

iPhone 6 is designed with three models, the biggest capacity is 128GB priced around $400, 64GB priced around $300, then 16GB cost around $200 that comes with a two-year contract. While for HTC M8, there are only two models, 32GB and 16GB only that you can purchase from street retailers with a two-year contract only at $200 but it would be $670 if without a contract. From the iPhone 6 vs. HTC M8 on highlight, which one is better in your opinion?