iPhone 6 Vs. iPhone 5, the Tempting Smartphones

After iPhone 6 successfully debuts, have you ever thought comparing iPhone 6 vs. iPhone 5? How many differences that you should know?

iPhone 6 Vs. iPhone 5 Size Which Is Larger?

iPhone 6 Actual Size

The first you can see the difference between the iPhone 6 size and iPhone 5’s where iPhone 6’s looks bigger. Also, seen from the design, the glass material used in iphone 5 is already ditched and Apple chooses to use a pure metal material as the design instead. When it comes to the iOS 6 vs. iOS 5 device, iPhone 6 is definitely larger if compared to the iPhone 5 that is only 4.0 inch and weigh only 112 grams since it is 4.7 inch for iPhone 6 with the 129 grams for weight.

Which One Having Better Features?

iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus Vs. iPhone 5

It is actually not that hard determining the iPhone 6 vs. iPhone 5 comparison; you can start by looking at the 8MP quality camera that is designed with the more awesome sensor to take pictures much more perfect than with the iPhone 5. The iPhone 6 storage is even better because it is available not only 16 or 64GB but up to 128GB. If you do not find a good feature like NFC in the iPhone 5, you will find it in iPhone 6.

What about the Other Specs of Both Smartphones?

iPhone 6 Vs. iPhone 5

Apple introduces iOS 8 in iPhone 6 while iPhone 5 you can still find iOS 7.1. While for the battery quality, you can see that iPhone 6 is also much better with its 1800 mAh while iPhone 5 is only 1440 mAh. For the processor, both are also different since Apple uses A6 chipset for iPhone 5 while iPhone 6 already uses A8 chip with 64 bit rate processor; the rest of specs are almost the same. As you can see from iPhone 6 vs. iPhone 5, Apple offers many differences to consider.