iPhone 7 Plus Dimensions: How the Design Can Be Distinct and Differ from the Others

Talking about buying new phone, we do care about the appearance, right? Well, it is not just about the color and the look. It is also about the size it is designed to be. If it is iPhone 7 Plus that you choose, there is nothing more to worry about when it comes to its performance. Now that you are fine with it, let’s see what we can get from iPhone 7 Plus dimensions in its design.

The Kind of Design Apple Has to Offer in this iPhone 7 Plus

Are you thinking of looking for good case once you have bought this iPhone? If you are planning to do so, you better know the dimensions of the phone to begin with. You know that iPhone 7 Plus is released along with iPhone 7, but their size is different from each other. Of course, iPhone 7 Plus dimensions with case would be bigger in its size later than its real dimensions.

iphone 7 plus dimensions with case

The real iPhone 7 Plus dimensions are 158.2mm x 77.9mm x 7.3mm. With such dimension, this phone weighs for 188g. This size makes beautiful design for the phone, you see. Talking about convenience, it feels nice in the palm and it should not be that heavy either. You can resize iPhone 7 Plus dimensions wallpaper to best fit your taste. So, you’ve got nothing to worry.

How about the style of the design? Actually, it is not that much different compared to the last year’s model. However, it is definitely different than any others for it now comes with built-in stereo and antenna bands moved to the top and bottom. See? It is still pretty much worth to consider. There is indeed more than just nice iPhone 7 Plus dimensions to expect from it.