iPhone Data Plans Disabling Way

iPhone users would like to use data plans even if it is overage charges. However, if you want to disable them, here we have iPhone data plans disabling tips.

iPhone Data Plans Disabling Way

Data Plans Options for iPhone

iPhone seems incomplete without many applications downloaded and used but it will require the user to have a data connection that has the cost add up. Most iPhone users would like to have data plans even if they know that overage charges will be the risk they face later. The best data plans options for iPhone that are often chosen by users are Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T with the varied prices based on the data plan that the users need or want; you can actually check out the iPhone data plans cost comparison, but the more data capacity you want, the more expensive you have to pay for.

iPhone Data Plans Disabling Tips

In case data plans for your iPhone later bother you a lot due to overage charges on data even if you get the iPhone data plans cheapest option, this can simply be disabled and you won’t need them anymore.

  • To start disabling, press the ‘Home’ button first to get the iPhone’s home screen and if you lock your phone, just simply slide your finger across the bar that is located at the screen’s bottom part.
  • Go to ‘Settings’ and the screen can simply be slide up with your finger before tapping ‘General’. Now, go to ‘Network’ also by tapping it for the easier menu access for the iPhone data plans. Find ‘Cellular Data’ and tap the ‘On’ so that the data plan can immediately be disabled; it should then appears as ‘Off’.
  • To go back to the home screen again, just simply press the ‘Home’ button. Now, you can get the iPhone data plans disabled.

No matter what data plans that you use for your iPhone, if it starts bothering you with the super high fee, you need to make a decision. Disabling the data plans will be the best solution here. Your iPhone data plans can also be disabled by contacting your mobile service provider and make a request to them that the feature be deactivated.