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iPhone Earbuds with mic : Fake or Real?

The way to differentiate iPhone earbuds with mic for the fake and the real is needed to now. It is because of some problems especially when your iPhone lost or broken, you can get the warranty, but if your iPhone is fake, so what you can do? Then, how to differentiate the fake and the real one? Here are some tips that you can do for getting the real iPhone earbuds with mic video that will help you to pass from the irresponsible seller.


Iphone Earbuds with Mic Video

iPhone Earbuds with mic Tips: How to Differentiate It

How to differentiate it? We will help you to draw the information weather you iPhone is fake or not. There are many ways to do this; therefore, you can get the real one. Moreover, of course, for the thing is not easy and maybe you can get failed. There are some tips that you will learn from now. Well, we know that you are so wondering how to do this. Just be patient, you will get the new iPhone earbuds with mic concept and ways for getting the real one.



iPhone Earbuds with mic Tips: Look at the Construction

The first is you can see from the iPhone earbuds with mic construction. The real one, there is only two parts and the build quality is so great and precision.  Meanwhile for the fake, the build quality is not good and there are 3 mains part. It can help you to differentiate for the base to know whether fake or real. Therefore, you have to be careful for getting this to be your iPhone ear buds.

Iphone Earbuds with Mic

iPhone Earbuds with mic Tips: Cable, Functions and the Voice Quality

The second is the cable part. In this part, the new iPhone earbuds with mic for the real when you fold it, the cable quality will never like the broken. Meanwhile, for the fake, the cable of the mix when you fold it looks like getting the fake. It seems that you will get something views that the fake quality will never change the quality of the real iPhone earbuds with mic. So you have to choose the right one to get the nice and good design of the iPhone.

The third is checking the function of the microphone and the push. Like the ear pod from the Apple iPhone, it has the volume to decrease and increase the volume. Up and down pus for playing, going to next and previous are available there. For the iPhone earbuds with mic right style, all of the push can be used. Meanwhile, for the fake one, it is only available for the start function and stop function. Therefore, some of the fake one does not have it.

The last is the quality of the voice. Well, in this part, you have to do the trial directly before buying the iPhone earbuds with mic. The iPhone earbuds with mic mute of the iPhones would be so clear and balance. Meanwhile, for the fake, the quality of the ear buds will create the voice unclear and sounds so strange. Moreover, for some other style, there are many voices which are produces to over and unidentified.