iPhone Jailbreak Instructions for Free for iOS 8-8.1

Owning an iPhone will make you look good as this phone is giving such luxury for the users. However, Apple only allows trusted applications only. Thus you need to jailbreak your iPhone if you want to install applications that are restricted in the Apple app Store. This review will talk about iPhone jailbreak instructions for free for iPhone in iOS 8-8.1.

iPhone Jailbreak Instructions for Free

To jailbreak your iPhone, you need some apps called Pangu, iTunes, and Cydia. Pangu is a jailbreak application for iPhone. Download Pangu from en.pangu.io is needed for iPhone jailbreak instructions for free. ITunes is needed to backup your application in jailbreaking process. Cydia is the supporting application for jailbroken phone. Below are simple steps to jailbreak your phone.

iPhone iOS 8

  • The first step of iPhone jailbreak instructions for free is that you need to download Pangu on your computer as it is only available for Windows. Connect your iPhone to your computer using the USB cable. If you never connect them together, there will be a tab in your iPhone. Tap “trust” on your phone to let your computer connect your pc.
  • The second step of iPhone jailbreak instructions for free is to back up your files on the iPhone. To do that you need to open iTunes. Usually it opens automatically after you tap the “Trust” tab. Check whether you are already have the latest version of iTunes or you have to install it. After you are sure that you have the newest iTunes version, backup the setting on your computer. You need to restore the setting to the factory setting before jailbreaking your phone because factory setting is the safest way to jailbreak your iPhone. It will give the smoothest jailbreaking process compared to updated setting.
  • The third process of iPhone jailbreak instructions for free is the jailbreaking process. Run iPhone’s initial setup process of your iPhone. You need to connect a Wi-Fi network during the process to get a stabile connection. Disable your pass code lock and Find My iPhone in the setup process. You can skip the other setup configuration. After finishing this process you can start the Pangu application on the computer. Pangu will show you the iPhone that have been connected. Change your phone mode to Airplane Mode to start the jailbreak process. You need to wait the process in about 20 minutes in the mean time do not touch your iPhone or unplug the USB cable.
  • You need to wait the reboot after you jailbreak your iPhone. It might take longer time than usual. Install Cydia after your iPhone restarted. Cydia will complete the set up for your file system of your iPhone. Do not surprise to see your iPhone reboots after you configure Cydia. After the second restart, re open your Cydia and push the “Changes” tab. Refresh theCydiaand update it to avoid any problem relating to the jailbreaking process. Restore your backup on your computer into your iPhone you have a jailbroken iPhone now. This is the steps of iPhone jailbreak instructions for free. Make sure to not update to 8.1.1 to keep your iPhone in jailbreak state.