iPhone Ringtones Download (Simple Method)

Some people feel excited most when it comes to downloading music and ringtones for their cell phone. You might also agree that smartphone users will also feel the same even if there are already default ringtones available. To download iPhone ringtones, there are several methods that can be tried.

iPhone Ringtones Download

There are some steps that you can follow when you want to download iPhone ringtones without computer. The steps are not that difficult even if you are a new user of iPhone.

Download Ringtones for iPhone

  1. On your iPhone, you will find the Settings icon, tap it and then tap the ‘Sounds’ so that the Ringtone button will be seen.
  2. It is the time to visit the store; the ‘Store’ button is at the top of the Ringtone control panel. From that, you can start to download iPhone ringtones.
  3. To download ringtone for your smartphone, a category that you want can be chosen there. An audiobook can be used, or a TV show, movie or song that has been purchased from iTunes.
  4. There is ‘Tones’ to tap so a new ringtone can be bought immediately. When you download iPhone ringtones, there are many options to choose, and after you decide, the ringtone you like can be tapped. But, how to download a ringtone for iPhone now? Do not be in a rush because it should be previewed, the reviews should be read and the related sounds will better be checked out.
  5. To download iPhone ringtones, make sure that after previewing and having done some checks out, you must be able to decide what tone you like most; the price button can then be tapped to purchase it, when it turns to ‘Buy Tone’, tap that button.
  6. When you download ringtones for iPhone, you will be asked by ‘Assign to a Contact” if it is alright if your contacts are accessed by Apple. If you think it is okay, tap a contact in the appearing contacts list, the sound will download and be assigned that contact automatically.
  7. Alternatively, to download ringtones for iPhone much simply, just click ‘Done’ then the ringtone will be downloaded and added automatically to the list of available tones on your smartphone.