iPhone User Guide for 4S Users

Smartphone is not popular without reasons, this gadget can definitely help you to do your works simply and more effectively because of many applications that are so useful and helpful. If you have just purchased your iPhone 4S and it is also your first time using smartphone, there is iPhone user guide for 4S users that you can definitely have a look. There are many features that are offered by iPhone 4S; the iMessage free messaging system as well as Siri, that personal assistant with the activated voice are great, iPhone guides to learn right now?

iPhone User Guide


iMessage is a feature introduced by Apple on iPhone 4S; do you think you need some iPhone user guide for using the feature? Free text messages can be enjoyed with this feature and you can send them to the person you want to text with an iOS 5 device.

Sync with iTunes

Your iPhone 4S can be synced to iTunes so that photos, movies, music, games, and apps can be backed up and transferred. You better check out the iPhone user guide; it simply needs iPhone 4S to be connected to your computer and iTunes can then be opened. iPhone’s name under the ‘Device’ sidebar can be clicked and you will then find ‘Sync’ to tap. When the process is done, ‘Eject’ can be clicked for your iPhone user guide.

iPhone’s Personal Assistant

iPhone 4S has Siri as the personal assistant that appears with the voice-activated built into the iPhone 4S operating system; curious about the iPhone user guide of this feature? The users will be helped in finding the right information related to driving directions; any general questions also be answered by her. On iPhone user guide, you can know how to operate Siri; iPhone’s Home button can simply be tapped and held to open Siri, then tap the icon of speaker to speak your question and Siri will respond after your voices are processed by the phone.

The other iPhone’s feature guide that you might need is wireless networking. To activate and inactivate Wi-Fi is so easy because you can head to ‘Settings’; the password can simply be entered if it is requested. With some iPhone user guide, you will easily operate your new iPhone 4S.

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