iPhone X Battery Review

As the latest model of iPhone, iPhone X impresses so many buyers. Talking about iPhone specs, everything is perfect except the battery. This may be the only weakness of iPhone. How about iPhone X? iPhone X battery is not disappointing. To know more detailed about it, let’s discuss farther in this article below. So, you know whether it is satisfying or not.

What Is the Battery of iPhone X?

For your information, iPhone X battery has a big capacity. It uses non-removable Li-ion battery that comes with 2,716 mAh. Compared to iPhone 8, iPhone X battery mAh is bigger. As we know, iPhone 8 has a battery that comes with 2,691 mAh capacity. However, it is a little bit disappointing because the battery used by iPhone X is still under iPhone 7 Plus battery where its battery has 2,900 mAh capacity. However, it does not matter as long as it is not too fast to get empty.iphone x battery review

How Long Does iPhone X Battery Last?

After knowing the type of battery, we also need to know about iPhone X battery life. It is good enough because this can last longer about 2 hours than iPhone 7. For talk time, it will last about 21 hours. For internet use, it will last about 12 hours. If you use it for video playback, it can last in 13 hours. If you use it for audio playback only, iPhone X battery can last in 60 hours. You can charge the battery fast where it can reach 50% in 30 minutes only.

How to Increase iPhone X Battery Life

There are many people who are still not satisfied with iPhone X battery. If you want to increase the battery life, you can consider using battery case. Actually, iPhone launches their official battery case but it is designed for iPhone 6 only. So, if you are looking for iPhone X battery case, you can look for other brands. You can buy it easily either online or on store. Also read: iPhone X AT&T Buying Guides

Battery case can increase the battery life up to 100% or even 150%. It depends on the capacity offered. The price is various. You can find battery case for iPhone X that is priced less than 50 dollars and more than 50 dollars. Even though it is not cheap, you will not be disappointing because of the great benefits. With battery case, your iPhone X battery will be much more durable so that it will be more enjoyable.