Iphone X Review and Price

Looking for the great phone can be seen in iPhone X. Based on iPhone x review, this phone has impressive specs that will facilitate the people well. This phone also uses gorgeous OLED screen that will make the phone looking luxurious. The best one in this phone is that it is designed comfortable and big so that it will be impressive. The camera in this phone is also amazing with the front camera that will offer a perfect selfie.

Some new things in iPhone X

If you see the iphone x review YouTube, you will not recognize that this phone has impressive specs and design. Although the phone is big but it is really paid off. The phone has premium design, extra power, and all screen in the front will be mixed together to show the amazing design of the phone. The phone is also one of the best the future of smartphone because you can try to achieve everything you want easily.iphone x review youtube 2018

The iphone x review cnet also shows that it has some additional things that will give more advantages for people to operate the phone. It is designed with waterproofing, nice battery, and great camera. The phone is also powered by A11 Bionic chip that can build with same 10nm process. It is similar to the process of snapdragon 835. This device will be efficient and it also has smoother performance and battery life.

When you see at the iphone x review video, it can perform better than the previous phone from Apple. With A11 CPU, this phone has two performance cores that can be faster 25% than previous iPhone including iPhone 7. The RAM of this phone is 2GB of memory. It will be satisfied to use this phone for some activities. The display of the phone also offers perfect black and much more vivid color. It is better than LCD display. Because of that, based on the iPhone x review, this phone will be useful and it will give everything you want to operate.