What is the Latest iPhone with More Power?

What is the latest iPhone that released by Apple? iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are the answers; check out for more about these two best smartphones.

What is the latest iPhone

What is the Latest iPhone Update You Should Know?

After releasing iPhone 5, Apple doesn’t stop to show their power and creativity by introducing iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus last September. From its design, you will see that the size is made bigger than iPhone 5s and 5c, iPhone 6 is not only thin and big but the features, specs and performance will much be better. The latest metal-surfaced phone is indeed more powerful with the high efficiency as well, especially because of the Display Retina HD that makes the new iPhone worth purchasing.

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, How Good Are These Phones?

Compared to the previous iPhone that is only 4.0 inch, iPhone 6 comes with a bigger size, 4.7 inch with the thinness 6.9mm while for the iPhone 6 Plus, it is designed with the 5.5mm for the size and 7.1mm for its thinness. Even so, of course you can see how its display is made bigger as well. No more narrow viewing angles and lower contrast with the existence of the display Multi-Touch and Retina HD Display. The question now is what is the latest iPhone OS used by Apple?

The good news here is that both latest iPhones are made with iOS 8 as the operating system added with the features and capabilities that will make the user experience amazing things when using the phone. The technology like Touch ID will make your phone secured since your fingerprint is the one made as the password. It is even questioned a lot about what is the latest iPhone software update introduced by Apple this time.

The more power is delivered by the A8 chipset and the data will amazingly gathered by its M8 motion usage on the coprocessor. For the camera feature, it is even developed well since it has new video features along with the Focus Pixels new sensor on its iSight camera. What is the latest iPhone by Apple? iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus can definitely be considered.