Learn about How to Make an Apps for iPhone and Sell it

If you love iPhone, you might have a few ideas for apps that you want to have, that is why you need to learn how to make an apps for iPhone. Moreover, you can even sell the application if that is really original one, so you will gain an income or even be famous as some people that had done it before.

iPhone Free Apps

Know How to Make an Apps for Iphone to Use or Publish

You should first know that the language used to create application on iPhone is the old objective C or the new one that they recently used called Swift. If you do not have any programming experience then you should try to use Swift since it is easier to understand more than the objective C which needed some programming language knowledge if you want to create application on iPhone and sell it.

How to Make an Apps for iPhone

Next on how to make an apps for iPhone you must prepare your Macbook since you will need it to install tool that used to create the application named Xcode where it could only installed on Mac. For the new iOS on version 8, then you need to download Xcode version 6, and the iOS version 8 SDK. You can get both on Apple for free.

You also need to have program that could be used to edit vector graphic. This would be useful if you want to add picture on your application. When learning how to make an apps for iPhone, then you can try to use more popular graphic editor such as Corel Draw, so there would be a lot of tutorial that you can use to create the picture you need.

After you have all you need to create an application for iPhone, then you can start by creating the detail then plan it carefully. Choose what kind of program you want, the use of the program, feature you want to insert, appearance from the graphic, and many other. Do not forget UI to be used on application.

Once the detail is finished you can start to create the graphic as you planed before then create the application using Xcode you have installed. If you just want the application to move on from one screen to another, then you do not need to learn objective C language to build application on iPhone. But, more advance function will need to be run on special codes.

After the application is done, then you need to spread it to the world which could only be done through App Store. For learning how to make an apps for iPhone, you need to make special account for developer on the store with specific cost every year.

There are a lot of things you will get from the account, aside for the opportunity to submit your application to be tested by Apple before it could be launched to the market on App Store. On your account, you will even get a lot of application sample which you could use to learn how to make an apps for iPhone.