List of Cool iPhone Apps to Have

Every smartphone user, especially iPhone, must really be excited with numerous cool iPhone apps. Here some best iPhone apps that you should have now.

Cool iPhone Apps

Best Iphone Apps for Camera

Horizon is really one of the must-download cool iPhone apps that will help the iPhone user to record videos horizontally in portrait mode. It is because of the iPhone’s gyroscope that will make your camera parallel to be kept to the ground no matter what angle you want to take. Shooting can even be done in three aspect ratios; which one that you want to choose, 4:3, 16:9 or 1:1? There are also eight filters packed for a customization’s dash; the photos you take can also be shared via Twiter, Facebook and Instagram.

Cool iPhone Apps for Organization


Evernote is the iPhone app that will help you to be more organized and productive and if you are looking for best iphone apps for free, this is worth downloading. All of your files will be synchronized well by this app because these will be saved to a cloud service. It also means that what has been created or altered from the iPhone will be waiting for you when you log in any other Evernote’s versions. This app offers you effortless organization for managing your files.

Games Apps


Limbo is one of the cool iPhone apps games with mystery genre and the background is in a forest that is curious and dark making your game experience more wonderful. Monument Valley is another cool game with architectural style; it is actually a puzzle game that is contemplative and quiet. QuizUp might be your game style and it is free to download; it is a trivia game designed with a wide range of themes.

Your iPhone can be filled with the fun, cool and useful cool iPhone apps. Some applications require you to pay, but some do not, so it actually depends on your preference. However, these cool iPhone apps are highly recommended for download and use.