New Screen for iPhone 4 to Replace Cracking Screen

What if your iPhone 4’s screen has cracked and you definitely need new screen for iPhone 4? What about the iPhone 4 screen replacement? It is unexpected if your iPhone 4’s screen cracks or breaks when you might drop it or bump it with the hard stuff; but then, the problem is if the screen will be able to replace or you will get a new phone for this incident.

Since Apple has already stopped iPhone 4’s production and distribution on September 2013, it must be difficult to even ask them about the screen replacement along with the service fee. It seems that you need to buy the new models of iPhone as the solution.

New Screen for iPhone 4 Solution

New Screen for iPhone 4

Before the iPhone 4 is stopped by Apple, you can still get the new screen for iPhone 4 from Apple Store instead of getting a new phone because your iPhone 4 only has the screen cracked while it still can work well. You better know that there is a Digitizer which you also know as the main part getting stroked when you use it and this is the iPhone 4’s top glass. While LCD is the part where the gorgeous pictures are shown to you and Digitizer’s location is definitely over the LCD.

When the top glass shatters, it is just the outer look that looks bad because of the scratches, but actually the phone is still working very well. About the new screen for iPhone 4 Apple, it has also been decided by Apple that the Digitizer and LCD screen are designed separately so when the top glass is the one breaking, you can just ask for the Digitizer replacement. Talking about the cost, the new screen will definitely cost pricier if compared to the previous iPhone models screen replacement.

It is better to find about the new screen or screen replacement service offered by Apple and if your iPhone model could still get that service before making some complaints. However, you won’t need new screen for iPhone 4 from Apple if you are handy enough to handle the replacement yourself with your own kit.