Offering the Key of 2015 iPhone 5C Price and Features Available

As you already know, 2015 iPhone 5C price and features are different from iPhone 5. You need to learn further about this Smartphone that has smaller screen.

2015 iPhone 5C price and features

The Key on 2015 iPhone 5c Price and Features for Great Options

2015 iPhone 5C price and features is really a good option for young people because it is designed with a splash of color style, wrapped in a colored plastic shell that looks bright, comes with iOS 7, run with equally colorful operating system, so compared to its predecessor then it will be more functional. The design is really slim with its thickness of 8mm and the lightweight of 132 gram. But there is only 16 GB size memory that could not be expand, Wi-Fi and of course 3G are also available as its connectivity.

2015 iPhone 5C

People agree that Apple iPhone 5C is unique and it is simply because the highest camera resolution and it is the first colorful iPhone. There are always pros and cons of the Apple 2015 iPhone 5C price and features that are important to figure out. The positive things about this iPhone 5C is its plastic design that is colorful (the case is made in polycarbonate to make it durable), there are colorful selection, as well as retina display; while for its main weakness, the memory that could not be expand is a bit disappointing.

2015 iPhone 5C Green

The Interface of iPhone 5C

There is a big change in the software, and because of the more basic but less hokey look provided here, then the interface that was feeling dated, it is now such a welcome refresh. The new form is even accompanied by new function, such as a Control Center giving immediate right of entry to settings that you can simply turn it on just using some swipe started from its bottom. Unfortunately, for this new 2015 iPhone 5C price and features, you are still not able to open two applications at the same time and add the lock screen with some applications just like what has been offered by Android.

2015 iPhone 5C White

The Performance of iPhone 5c

It is normal if 2015 iPhone 5c price and specification is often compared to 2015 iPhone 5C price and feature but it is the fact that the components of iPhone 5C is just the same as the iPhone 5 with its Apple’s A6 series processor. The responsiveness that 5C given when opening and closing applications or when you playing games or even watching movies is another good thing of this smartphone.

2015 iPhone 5C Colors

iPhone 5c Suggested Price

Looking at this new iPhone 5c making you wonder about the price of this smartphone; it is not only about the price but the feature itself is also different from what is offered out there since there is only 8GB for the capacity. Different sellers will sell the iPhone 5C at different prices and iPhone 5C is actually sold with the price range around 386 dollars to 515 dollars. Checking out some sellers will show you different price that each seller offer. This will really help you to find the best 2015 iPhone 5C price and features based on the budget that you have prepared.