What is Passbook on iPhone 6? How about the Setting?

What is Passbook on iPhone 6? If this is your first time using iPhone, you might wonder what it is and what about its setting; check out the info below.

What Is Passbook on iPhone 6 Plus and also iPhone 6?


You need to know that Passbook is a feature that can be used when you need passes that need to be stored even when you are in a certain place, the right items needed will be shown to you by using the information of GPS location. It is a feature that will make your life more complete because you will experience more convenient flight and go to watch movies comfortably.

What is Passbook on iPhone 6

What Do You Need to Do to Start Setting Up the Passbook?

  1. It has been answered, the ‘What is Passbook on iOS 6?’ question and now when the apps have been installed, they can be added to Passbook; you can simply message or mail it, you can browse the Internet, or it can also be through an app Passbook with them
  2. There is a code that can be scanned when going to add a pass and this will be useful, especially for your flight tickets. There is “Scan Code” that you can click on when starting the code scanning. Make sure the camera is held steadily and the camera can just be pointed at the barcode.
  3. Have you ever found that your Passbook app iOS 6 not working? Do not forget that your pass settings need to be adjusted so it can appear on your lock screen and the automatic updates can even be got by you. Sliding the setting to be ‘on’ means that the lock screen is being activated or you have just set up the automatic update.

Passbook on iPhone 6

You better have the ticket’s physical copy because you never know when, where, and how you might accidentally lose your iPhone. Keep updating the compatible apps launching for the Passbook by visiting the App Store. What is Passbook on iPhone 6? You now know what it is and you must need it.