Review on iPhone 8 Plus and What You Can Expect to Get from This Very Phone

You might have heard much about the arrival of iPhone X in the market. However, its price is sure to give us quite a shock. If you think you can’t afford such phone, you can always consider choosing iPhone 8 Plus, you know. It is worthy phone of your choice. If you want to know more about it though, give us the chance to review this phone here.

The Amazing New Glass Back of the Design to Include

When it comes to the phone’s design, let us tell you here in this iPhone 8 Plus review that the phone is pretty much the same with the design theme of iPhone 6. However, it is still new phone we are talking about here. There is difference between them without doubt. Well, we would say that iPhone 8 Plus gets the brand new glass back to offer. Of course, it is not some usual new glass back.iphone 8 plus vs iphone 7 plus

To tell you the truth, it is one that can support wireless charging technology. Also, you’ve got to keep this in mind. iPhone 8 Plus has the most durable glass ever used in Smartphone. With it, you can expect strengthening layer that is “50 percent deeper for sure. iPhone 8 Plus colors do vary as well. They are Gold, Silver, and Space Gray. Each color choice looks pretty for this phone. They are sure to ensure the attractiveness and elegance of the phone.

Bright Display that Does Not Glare As Much As Others

Sure, it would hurt your eyes to see something that is to bright for them, right? Still, bright display is needed, especially when viewing the phone in direct sunlight. Well, it wouldn’t be worth paying iPhone 8 Plus price, if this phone does not contribute anything to solve that. Rest assured! iPhone 8 Plus is properly designed with the 5.5-inch LCD IPS screen and the resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels.

With such quality of display, the phone can be incredibly bright and accurate. However, it is not one that is made to be so bright that it glares at you so much. Apple makes quite an effort to make iPhone 8 Plus is enjoyable to stare at. For those who need to keep using the phone, this would be wonderful choice for you can use it as long as you want. Also read: The Deluxe What iPhone 8 Offers to You