Review on iPhone X VS iPhone 8 to Find Out What’s the Best Between the Two

Speaking about iPhones produced by Apple, you might be happy enough with the previously released iPhone 7S. However, you need to know that Apple makes quite a huge jump with the coming of iPhone 8. What’s more? For 10th anniversary of iPhone, you get iPhone X to choose too. Let’s discuss about iPhone X VS iPhone 8 here. You might find one of them better to choose from.

The Design that Both iPhones Can Offer

You can get way detailed specs from iPhone X VS iPhone 8 GSMArena, but let us highlight the important ones here. Yes, the design would one of the things you put your concern to. They are what mostly differs one phone from another after all. Basically, both phones are no match for others, but we can see what might be better when it comes to iPhone X VS iPhone 8. iPhone X itself might be getting the spotlight these days.

However, the design has ditched the traditional home button in favor of edge to edge screen. If we look at it from today point of view, you can say that the design features something futuristic. Talking about iPhone X VS iPhone 8 Plus camera, you will be satisfied with the use of the first with such design. We don’t say iPhone X VS iPhone 8 won by the first though. When it comes to familiarity, the latter is better and makes things easier.iphone x vs iphone 8 vs s8 plus

The Display and the Price It is Tagged With

The design is not the only thing that is so great about the first iPhone. We say it is praise worthy in its display as well. It is because the first has the new OLED display featured, while the latter has to stick to the common IPS LCD. When comparing iPhone X VS iPhone 8 Plus, even the first one might come first with its new display. Still, between iPhone X VS iPhone 8, it is your right to make your choice. You might be fine with the latter. also visit: iPhone X Release Date to Look Forward for the Coming of the Phone in the Market

Consider the price though. You can’t buy something you can’t afford to begin with. Let’s get to the point. iPhone 8 is one set with the price starting from $699 to $849. iPhone 8 Plus will be priced from $799 to $949. Then, iPhone X will have it start from $999. If you can’t afford the latest, the first wouldn’t make bad choice. Choose between iPhone X VS iPhone 8 by considering your own needs.