Sell Used iphone : 3 Tips Before Selling iPhone

There are times when you want to sell iOS devices you love;. Could the reason want to upgrade to the latest version or are in need of funds suddenly. Here are the things you should do before selling your iOS device. You only need 3 tips before selling the Sell used iphone. By backing up, turning off the May I Phone and removing the date, you can sell your IPhone to the buyer. You should not worry that you data is still inside.

Sell Used Iphone

Sell Used iphone :  Backup

Connect your iOS device to your computer via a data cable to Sell used iphone that is already installed iTunes. Perform backups so you do not lose important data such as application, SMS, photos, settings, and even saved games. This way you will you can use the settings in the old iPhone to a new iPhone with a method Restore From Backup. So, this sell used iphone prices is the first thing to do, Sell used iphone.

Sell Used Iphone Review

Sell Used iphone : Turn off the Find iPhone

Sell used iphone for the next trick is to open the Settings app – iCloud – Find My iPhone – off. This should be done in advance, especially for devices with iOS 7. This avoids iCloud iOS device asks for a password for activation after we do a reset by means Restore or Erase All Content and Settings. This security feature known as iCloud Activation Lock. sell used iphone review is the trick to open the setting by turning off first.

Sell Used Iphone : Remove the Data and Settings on the Iphone

Remove the data and settings on your iPhone by going to the Settings app – General – Reset  Erase All Content and Settings. This will erase all data on your iOS device and turn off iCloud, iMessage FaceTime and Game Center. For you who do jailbreak, do not use this feature because your iOS device will be stuck at the Apple logo. You will need this Sell used iphone. Make sure the data that you have is really nothing in your I phone before you sell it. It is not funny when the buyer knows some photos you have inside.

Sell Used Iphone Prices

You must perform a restore using the latest .ipsw file for your iOS device. Or you can also connect your iOS device to the computer and open iTunes, press the Restore button. Make sure the computer you’re connected to the internet. It will help you to know the perform of Sell used iphone. If you forget to do things above and your iOS devices already sold, here’s how to erase the data on your iOS device remotely.

Ask the buyer to activate internet on the device so that you can wipe data remotely using Find My iPhone. Log in to your iCloud account from this page using the computer, select the iOS device that you want to delete and then tap Erase. Then select Remove from the Account to remove the device from the list the list of devices connected to your iCloud. To sell used iphone would be nice when you know something to do before it.