Stylish iPhone 6 Colors to Choose with Your Taste

iPhone 6 colors come in more stylish that might be suitable with your taste. Which color of iPhone 6 that you can choose based on your style?

iPhone 6 Color

iPhone 6 Colors Apple Provided for You

Apple has a good sense about the color of iPhone 6’s case this time because it comes in three elegant colors that one of them might be your style. The iPhone 6 is designed with colors that are subtle but look elegant, such as silver, or maybe space gray, and the choice of gold that are the same as the ones offered by Apple when releasing their iPhone 5. Another important thing here is that the color of iPhone 6 cannot be combined or customized.

Silver color is amazing enough to replace white iPhone color that has been introduced by Apple and since it is one of the neutral colors, it might suit your need most. When looking at the iPhone 6 colors images, you will think that any cases will look good with silver color. You do not even need to worry about your fashion style because silver smartphone can be fitted well with any outfits’ color you wear.

Space gray is also a good choice, especially if you want to use your phone to watch TV shows or movies since the iPhone 6 colors front and back are different; iPhone 6 with space gray color has a black-colored front while the other two colors have white-colored front. You see that space gray will help you to have a more amazing experience when watching. It also helps you to be more immersed when being in front of the large screened that iPhone 6 has.

iPhone 6 Color Weakness

As time goes by, you should anticipate the fading color, especially the gold and silver ones, while the one with the white finish might have yellow discoloration. Perhaps, the space gray color will less visible when it comes to the odd markings or any discoloration. To keep iPhone 6 colors look amazing, just let your phone wear the right case for protection.