How to Watch TV Shows on Your iPhone

iPhone isn’t only one of best gadget and Smartphone that you can find today. But, iPhone also become one of best assistant and friend for your everyday activity. iPhone basically can do anything that you want. It’s not only worked as communication gadget, but, you also can use your iPhone for entertainment. Games? That’s not all. You also can watch tv on iphone. How? Actually, there are three methods you can use to watch TV via your Smartphone.

Watch TV on iPhone

Apps to Watch TV on iPhone

First method is using apps. There are many apps you can use. But, if we have to choose the best among all apps, here are 5 tops apps you can use to watch tv on iphone.


Hulu Plus

This application is one of most popular apps for watching TV you can find. You need to sign up on Hulu, then you will get the access to watch TV shows that you like. The monthly cost for this app is $7.99. Download Here

This app will give you free TV shows. You can watch TV show from CBS, the CW, Classic TV and Showtime. Download Here




Through this app, you can watch not only TV shows, but also movies.  The monthly cost is $7.99. Download Here


This app will give you access to CNN, FOX and many more. However, you can only use this app with Wi-Fi. Download Here


TVU Anywhere

It has more than 300 channels you can enjoy. And, it also needs Wi-Fi. However, this app isn’t free. You need to pay $5 a month. Download Here


You also can use internet to watch tv on iPhone. There are many websites that provide this service. Most of them don’t need application to use. Therefore, you don’t need to buy or download application. However, you need to make sure you have good internet connection. Otherwise, you can’t enjoy the TV shows.


You also can download TV Shows that you like. Just search the TV shows that you want to watch on the iTunes store and choose the episode that you want to download. After you download it, you can watch that episode.

Basically, watching TV through iPhone is easy to do. You just need to know the method and choose one that you think the best method you can use. Plus, you also can connect your iPhone to your computer. That way you can get wider display and you can watch tv on iphone with more satisfying experience.


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