Other Way than Replacing LCD iPhone Screen

Every phone needs a careful handling so you will not accidentally break it. However, you cannot stop it when your iPhone unfortunately dropped from your wallet and the screen is broken. The screen on your phone contains two layers, the glass screen is aimed protect and operate your screen. The LCD screen is needed for the quality display and touch-response in high resolution.  Replacing LCD iPhone screen is needed when you see new lines of pattern that appear on your iPhone screen. You also need to replace the LCD if you have blurred or discolored area on your screen.

Replacing LCD iPhone Screen

Apple also provides a replacement on replacing LCD iPhone screen. Your iPhone might not respond to your fingers. Thus, apple charges you several dollars on the replacement. The iPhone 4 user should pay US$149 and $199 needs to be purchased for iPhone 4S users. Of course you need to pay more on the sales tax and the shipping, which is in about US$6.95. This amount is reasonable as you will get your IPhone as a new IPhone with the standard screen in three into five business days.

LCD iPhone Screen

If you think that replacing LCD iPhone screen through Apple is expensive and time consuming, you might as well use the service of the third-party repair services. You should not repair it by yourself as it might prone to more damage on your iPhone. You need to dissemble the entire device and change the LCD screen. You need skilled third-party to fix the screen in the effective and efficient way.

To avoid replacing LCD iPhone screen you need to have both curative and preventive action for your iPhone. Fixing your screen is more expensive rather than avoid them to be broken. You can start by cleaning your LCD regularly. Avoid placing your iPhone near oily place. If your screen is accidentally smeared by oil, wipe t using a chamois or flannel that were sprayed by a mixture of alcohol and distilled water in the ratio 1:1.

A protective screen film can also be used to protect your screen. It is much cheaper than replacing LCDiPhone screen that costs hundreds of dollars. A screen film is a transparent thin film that attached in the screen of your phone. It protects your iPhone from wet, scratches, oil, etc. it is not a permanent film so you can replace it to the new one if the current protective screen film has worn off.

Try not to drop your phone is the last preventive action that you can do. When your phone drops from high place, it can break the polarized panels. Broken panels make the liquid crystal solution leaks and cause the distortion on the screen. Buying a protective case is better than replacing LCD iPhone screen. The case, whether made from silicon or rubber or plastic, will protect your phone. This case can avoid fatal damage when you accidentally drop your iPhone from low falls. Placing your iPhone on your bag or pouch could also save your iPhone from falling.